Cendyn Guestrev®

Revolutionized profit optimization for hotels and casinos, offering unparalleled insights and flexibility.

Cendyn Guestrev combines science and automation to deliver precise pricing suggestions at every level, empowering revenue managers to personalize pricing effortlessly. Streamline your strategy with real-time adaptability and boost profits across all segments.


Total profit optimization

Evaluate and understand your property's mix of revenue and profit centers holistically and more strategically with up to nine categories of ancillary revenue, custom to your hotel.

Dynamic pricing solutions

With a 90% rate acceptance, Cendyn Guestrev provides open pricing recommendations by room category and market segment. It analyzes demand velocity for each room category independently, considering factors like perceived value, guests' willingness to pay, and dynamic demand and availability indicators.

Synchronize PMS data

Forecast accurately, price with certainty, and make quick, agile decisions. Synchronize your PMS data in real time so you can look at the most accurate picture of your data.

Unlock true guest value

Cendyn Guestrev employs the most accurate valuation of your guest's true revenue potential at the segment level. Understand your guest's willingness to buy, distribution cost — down to market segment and booking channel — and total profitability while on-property.

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