Sure Pay

Onyx CenterSource Debuts, Unifying Three Brands Under One Name

Sure Pay is an industry-leading payment system for travel agents, corporate travel departments, travel management companies, and other travel distributors, helping hotel bookers in more than 160 countries recover hotel commission payments in a more cost-efficient and timely manner.

Other Products


Onyx CenterSource is the leader in commission payment solutions for the hospitality industry. CommPay, our data collection and funding system, streamlines the commission process for thousands of hotels and resorts around the globe, ensuring that the agents who bring hotels business are paid in an accurate and timely manner.


GroupPay is a comprehensive automated system that brings transparency, faster payments and easy billing reconciliation to the group, meetings and events market.  GroupPay consolidates meeting and event data in one location, including contracts, reservations as they are made and changed, consumed stay data, and commission payments to be made.


IntraBill streamlines the invoicing process between your affiliated properties by letting Onyx handle your internal billing. We work with your team to understand your billing needs and then automate the process for transaction, membership, database, and marketing fees, making it more efficient, more reliable and more accurate.

Onyx Analytic Data Services

Onyx Analytic Data Services, or ADS, is built on the concept that data is only valuable when it helps you make decisions that move your business forward. ADS enables hotels and agencies to more effectively optimize their commissionable spend and return on investment from a critical distribution channel, boosting earnings as well as partner satisfaction.


PayRoute is a global affiliate payment solution that can process any B2B payment in the travel industry, allowing you and your recipient to effortlessly track each payment and make and receive them in the currency of your choice.


RecoverPro is a robust hotel commission recovery offering an end-to-end solution for travel agency bookings. We manage every aspect of reconciling, tracking and accounting for commission payments owed from any hotel with which your agency does business, all over the world.

Virtual Credit Card Payments

Virtual credit card payments significantly reduce the risk of fraud, while ensuring accuracy of payment tracking, authorization, and reconciliation. These one-time use digital "credit cards" can be sent virtually online or through email, adding to their contactless appeal for use around the globe.