A smart pricing strategy helps a hotelier boost revenue. In order to design an informed pricing strategy, revenue managers need to have a real-time, 360-degree view of their competitive landscape and market.

Our real-time Rate Intelligence Platform OPTIMA empowers revenue managers to stay on top of competition and market trends. OPTIMA is an easy-to-use, multilingual platform that provides accurate rate intelligence. It enables its users with the largest variety of channels to shop from, along with market and rank insights.

OPTIMA"s new feature MarketDRONE is the world"s only real-time, cognitive rate intelligence solution. It pushes competitive and market rate intelligence notifications to revenue managers in real-time, on a device of their choice. It enables them to stay on top of the intra-day rate changes and unlock new revenue by using the insights to inform their pricing strategy.

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12 February 2021 — RateGain Technologies, the leading SaaS Company for travel and hospitality, today announced a global strategic partnership with IDeaS, a pioneer and global technology leader offering revenue management solutions, to deliver real-time and AI-powered rate intelligence to more than 100,000 hotels across the globe.
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First Hotels Partners with RateGain for AI-Enabled Competitive Intelligence and Rate Parity

21 January 2021 — RateGain Technologies, the leading SaaS Company for travel and hospitality, today announced a global strategic partnership with First Hotels, a leading hotel chain in Scandinavia, for providing AI-driven competitive pricing insights and helping maintain price parity across various OTAs and third-party booking platforms.
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Other Products

DHISCO Switch Connectivity

When you connect with RateGain"s DHISCO switch or channel management solutions, you not only get industry-leading speed, implementation, and security, you get a partner committed to your growth. We partner with you to leverage our 30-years of experience to identify and connect you with the right demand.

Guest Experience Management

BCV, a RateGain Company, is an award-winning provider of social media solutions for the hospitality industry. Our team of social media and hospitality experts develop customized social strategies that align with greater marketing initiatives and create original content optimized for social media.


The rise of new-age channels is giving competition to OTAs and brand sites as more travelers today search on these platforms as the traveler looks for competitive deals and prices making it extremely critical for hotels to have a foolproof strategy to maintain rate parity across all third-party partners.


RezGain is RateGain"s smart distribution channel manager which not only helps distribute rates and inventory with speed and efficiency but also unlocks new revenue generation opportunities. It is a one-stop channel management solution for online distribution, providing the largest connectivity covering big & long-tail channels across the world with end-to-end two-way integration with PMS / CRS/ RMS/ Tour Operators/ GDS/ Bed-Banks/ Wholesalers & OTAs.

Smart Distribution

In more than last 10 years the distribution technology has remained the same. Currently available distribution technology solves for basic distribution of ARI & receiving reservations but does not optimize on any other steps involved in distribution.