Next Generation Hotspot Solution

HSC's Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) is a cloud-based network solution that complements Wi-Fi access points to facilitate easy and secure Wi-Fi onboarding along with seamless Wi-Fi roaming. It conforms to Wi-Fi Alliance's Hotspot 2.0 specifications (Release 3) and provides backward compatibility to all the non-HS 2.0 compliant devices too.

NGH Solution can be used by service providers (mobile operators, cable operators, WISPs) or enterprises to set up/upgrade their Wi-Fi network as per PasspointTM standards. The online sign-up (OSU) server helps in provisioning of Wi-Fi profiles to end-user devices which enables automated scanning and gaining access to authorized Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to the effortless onboarding and secure communication, NGH helps businesses in understanding their network with rich business insights via the Wi-Fi Analytics component, and Proximity marketing, it provides an additional engagement channel for personalized reach-outs to their customers.

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