Unite: A central source of truth for all your data

As Cendyn's next-generation customer data platform, Starling unites all your technology solutions and millions of guest data points to provide a central source of truth for all your data.

Transform: Consolidate, cleanse and enrich your data

Starling consolidates, cleanses and enriches your data, providing a central source of truth. Building on our extensive library of existing data integrations, Starling"s open APIs are flexible and agile so you can easily connect any data source into the platform.

Control: Starling puts you in control of your data

Application agnostic, Starling puts you in control of your data, regardless of the technology solutions you use. Use the Starling portal to view the audit trail and history of changes to your data. Leverage and control your data where you need it.

Distribute: Take your data with you

Take your data with you and use Starling data anywhere you need it, across your entire enterprise​.

Trust: Trust your data

With every action taken, you have a detailed history of each data point throughout its lifetime. Starling"s comprehensive audit trails provide a detailed account of your data changes, so you have complete trust in your ability to adhere to global privacy regulations.

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