Cendyn Call Center

From enhanced tools and flexible workflows for reservations agents to loyalty program integrations and powered voice services, Cendyn Call Center is a one stop web-based solution for all your needs.

For hotels that require complete call center services or call-gating during off hours or peak times, Cendyn Call Center ensures that your guests speak to highly trained reservations specialists who can effectively sell your property and drive direct bookings. Hotels can minimize operational costs by paying only for the minutes spent on the phone.


Intuitive agent platform

Empower your reservation agents with a comprehensive view of your hotel's ARI, including room type descriptions and a rate calendar view. This equips them to easily answer property questions and reserve the right room and rate plan for guests quickly, efficiently, and flexibly.

Deep loyalty integrations

Unite your data from multiple sources in a single call center platform giving your reservations agents a 360-degree view of your hotel's most valuable and loyal guests.

Detailed reporting

Track detailed metrics including conversion rates, talk time, and denial reasons through reporting solutions offered by Cendyn CRS.

AI-powered voice assistant

Eliminate customer's hold time and automate reservation processes with an integrated AI-powered voice assistant, powered by PolyAI* and available 24/7. With deep loyalty integrations, the voice assistant provides callers with all available loyalty benefits, resulting in satisfied and happier guests.

* Requires separate contract with PolyAI

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