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Product Feature 7 May 2014

SmartQubeTV from Quadriga

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Quadriga has announced the launch of its latest guest technology and entertainment solution for the global hospitality industry. SmartQubeTV enables a hotel to simply and cost-effectively upgrade any hotel TV (with a HDMI port) to the latest 'Smart TV', to provide guests with the type of 'home-from-home' experience they demand and expect, without having to invest in the latest, most expensive range of Smart TVs.

What makes the product special?

SmartQubeTV is a small box, no more than 10cm square, which enables hoteliers to immediately transform the guest TV experience consistently in every room throughout their property, or indeed their entire estate, irrespective of the mix of TVs installed. It also delivers the option to create individual in-room WiFi access points. SmartQubeTV has been designed specifically for the hospitality sector. It will deliver a familiar 'home' experience for guests, but unlike a standard consumer set-top box, it enables hotels to incorporate and promote hotel-specific content, it features a single, easy-to-use gyroscopic remote control with an integrated QWERTY keyboard, and importantly guest personal data is automatically erased.

"SmartQubeTV responds to the entertainment expectations of today's guest, with Smart TV features providing easy access to a great range of entertainment content including catch-up TV and the latest Android apps via an engaging and easy-to use interface. Also, Internet access and web-browsing via the TV and the option to stream personal content from the mobile device," comments Paul Wilson, Quadriga's Partnership and Product Director. Quadriga will configure and design a customised SmartQubeTV solution for each hotel, in the cloud, featuring selected content and apps in up to six different languages, and designed to reflect their brand. This is then published to each in-room box and TV. As well as offering a simple solution for hoteliers to boost guest satisfaction, SmartQubeTV offers a compelling commercial proposition, with no expensive head-end required, a one-time install and minimal resource to install, remotely configure and update. Furthermore, hotels have the option to deploy Quadriga's 'CoCo' (coax converter) network solution which enables IP over Coax connectivity for SmartQubeTV to operate on a native coax network without the need for expensive and disruptive CAT6 re- cabling.

Paul Wilson continues, "SmartQubeTV provides a simple and cost-effective way for our customers to deliver the kind of experience guests now expect from a hotel. In line with our core principles, SmartQubeTV provides simple but clever technology, specifically designed for hospitality to drive guest satisfaction as well as new revenue and brand possibilities."

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