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Product Feature15 May 2018

Oas Shower - Smart Closed-Loop Shower

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	  Orbital Systems

Oas Shower - The World’s First Recirculating and Water Purifying Shower. ORBITAL SYSTEMS technology purifies and recirculates water in a closed-loop. This means it turns a few gallons into all the water you want, significantly reducing the amount of water and energy used —by up to 90% and 80%, respectively. This NASA inspired and Space Certified Technology is currently available in our latest product, the Oas shower. A traditional shower wastes more hot water than any other domestic application. The Oas is an innovative solution that increases water volume to as much as 2.6 gallons per minute, while maintaining steady pressure and temperature - a better shower experience, for as long as users like, without any of the environmental costs of a traditional shower. ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ vision is to change the way we think about and use water. Born from NASA’s MARS Mission, Orbital’s technology brings innovative space technology to Earth, solving for one of the biggest issues affecting our generation: water scarcity. The Oas is the first smart connected shower that records real-time data, quantifying savings and efficiency, controlling comfort, and establishing usage patterns. Shower data is accessible from any Wi-Fi connected device or app and is easily shareable and integrated with other data management systems. Our innovative approach stops us from wasting a limited resource without requiring changes to traditional plumbing systems or personal habits and behaviors—making us all smarter with one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

What makes the product special?

The Oas shower is ideal for facilities that offer the most premium experiences that emphasize quality sustainability and conservation strategies. New to the US, Orbital's leading edge clients include premium and boutique hotels and developers, commercial and university campuses with dynamic brands, and off-grid developments where water resources are limited.

With a global water crisis half a generation away, ORBITAL SYSTEMS' time has come.

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Dany Warman
Community Manager
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