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Product Feature19 June 2018

Teleste Hospitality Solution: High-Speed Internet and versatile TV services to every room over your existing TV Cable

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Teleste offers a simple solution for providing guest internet and interactive TV services to each room by utilising the unused bandwidth on your existing TV cabling network. Our Hospitality Solution enables to increase your customer experience and revenue by creating a platform for interactive services and video streaming. TV channels and data are provided to the guest rooms on the same, already existing coaxial cable. The renowned reliability of our products deliver a worry- free operation and ensures an uninterrupted service. Avoid a major refurbishment of you hotel infrastructure - Harness the full power of your existing TV cable!

What makes the product special?

Teleste Hospitality Solution is based on the Teleste DAH Mini-CMTS and Luminato TV Headend.

Teleste DAH Mini-CMTS: High-speed internet to your guests

  • No new cabling
  • Quick to install - even in 24 hours
  • No disruption of hotel operations
  • Wired internet access & Wi-Fi hotspot in every guest room
  • Data Gateway for IOT and Smart living services
  • All without interruption to the existing TV channels

Teleste Luminato: Simple and solid headend for TV channels

  • Replaces piles of set top boxes
  • Choose only the channels you need
  • Full electronic program guide
  • Manages scrambled and premium channels
  • Locally generated advertising and guest services channels can be added and managed
  • Saves space and power consumption
  • Remote management
  • High reliability with over 8000 chassis installed

Our services in a nutshell

  • Teleste DAH Mini-CMTS for delivering IP over the existing TV network
  • Luminato TV Headend for compact & efficient guest TV services
  • Accessories to give the very best performance and connection for your projects
  • Managed Services - specialist install and site survey
  • Training & support to ensure it always goes right first time & every time

Product website:

Click here to visit the product website.

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Delivering guests the “at home experience” for Internet, Wi-Fi, TV services and Smart living. We offer a simple solution for providing streaming TV and Wi-Fi to every room using only the existing coaxial TV cabling. Our solution enables you to increase your customer experience and revenue by creating the platform to deliver the online services that today’s guests demand.
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Jason Dando
Director, Teleste Hospitality and AV
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