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Product Feature18 March 2019

Storytellers In Residence Program

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Storified Hospitality Group

A Three-Day Onsite Training Program for Hotels & Associates Identify Your Hotel's Narrative, the Unique Stories to Tell, and Transform Every Associate, Regardless of Role, Into a Storyteller in Residence. The groundbreaking three-day onsite program exclusively designed for hotel properties to connect storytelling with the guest experience through innovative associate training and culture harmonization. It stems from the Storified Hospitality Group’s deep expertise in hospitality innovation, storytelling, training, and leadership development. Storytellers in Residence is people-focused, and transforms associates and staff into storytellers while enables storytelling throughout the guest experience. What results are unparalleled opportunities to personify and communicate the brand DNA, inspiring guest loyalty and engagement.

What makes the product special?

Storytellers in Residence Outcomes

Trains FOH + BOH associates to become brand storytellers, regardless of position.

Defines and optimizes your master narrative, stories to tell, and your hotel's why and purpose.

Provides tangible opportunities for storytelling to be woven throughout the guest experience.

Inspires thought leadership and innovative thinking.

Enables teams to align on the big picture, and improve cross-functional collaboration through a shared understanding.

Cultivates teams through workshops designed to build storytelling as a capability

Shows teams how to elicit authentic, engaging stories from guests, both during and post-stay.

Inspires brand loyalty in both associates and guests

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Lucia Evans
CXO, Storified Hospitality Group
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