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Product Feature 3 April 2019

Bohemian Drinks since 1860

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The Spirit Company

Good taste can be so simple... The perfect cocktail out of a bottle? Can a pre-mixed, bottled cocktail really be as good as a freshly mixed one? Yes it can! Even better, for two reasons: First, we use only the finest spirtis, natural ingredients and pure flavours. Second, these elements are blended to perfection inside the bottle and the flavours evolve and become more refinded over time. All of our 13 classic cocktails turn any event into a special occasion. Wether enjoyed as aperitif, digestif, sundowner or nightcap, each of our BOHEMIAN DRINS is the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail party, special event, dinner or just to spoil yourself.

What makes the product special?

The story so far...

The concept of BOHEMIAN DRINKS was born during a visit to a bar in New York. After two years of passionate work and the help of many talented bartenders, 13 perfect cocktails were born.


Can a cocktail out of a bottle really be as good as a freshly mixed drink? Yes! It's even better - and for two reasons: First of all, only the best spirits, natural ingredients and pure flavour are used for our cocktails. And second, these ingredients fuse nicely inside the bottle. Just like good wine that ages in the bottle, our cocktails get better and better with time.

BOHEMIAN DRINKS represent discerning cocktail enjoyment and are the proof that anything is possible when you have passion and refuse to compromise on quality.

  • Consistent quality and flavour
  • Spirits from handpicked distilleries
  • Only high-quality ingredients
  • Only natural flavours
  • Exclusive product presentation
  • Long shelf life without refrigeration - bottle aging
  • High-quality drinks without bar equipment

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Karim Toledano
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