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Product Feature 9 April 2019

SuitePad TV – Revolutionizing In-Room Entertainment

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SuitePad GmbH

Traditional remote control technology has had its day, and a whole new level of entertainment has arrived in the hotel room. Now guests can operate the guestroom TV easily with the SuitePad Tablet, thanks to the integrated infrared sensor that connects the tablet directly with the TV. And with SuitePad TV, guests no longer have to go without their favorite shows and movies – they can play content directly from their own smartphone on the big TV screen (Bring Your Own Content).

What makes the product special?

SuitePad as modern remote control technology
The newest generation of SuitePad Tablets enables easy operation of the guestroom TV via
SuitePad TV Control. 95% of all hotel TVs are already compatible with SuitePad TV Control,
thanks to the integrated infrared sensor in the SuitePad Tablet. Guests can operate the TV as
usual, and filter TV channels by language or genre. With SuitePad TV, the SuitePad Tablet
transforms into a remote control - no additional hardware necessary!

Replacing outdated remote controls
The SuitePad Tablet has clear advantages: the tablet is easier and more hygienic for
housekeeping staff to clean. The bacteria associated with traditional remote controls are no
longer a concern. And there is no more annoying changing of batteries - the tablet is simply
placed on the docking station to charge.

Increased visibility for hotel content
SuitePad TV dramatically increases the usage time of the SuitePad Tablets. Guests spend 2.5x
longer perusing the content of the digital guest directory when the tablet is also serves as the
TV's remote control. With SuitePad TV hoteliers achieve increased visibility of their content and

Bring Your Own Content (BYOC)
With SuitePad TV Plus, guests can easily connect their own device and watch their own movies
and videos on the large guestroom TV. The exceptional level of comfort makes guests feel right
at home. Now they can enjoy their favorite content on the big screen - whether Netflix,
YouTube, or other video platforms.

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