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Product Feature13 December 2019

Manta Ray Light by Aqua Creations

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Aqua Creations

Aqua Creations, bespoke lighting design service and studio, unveils the Manta Ray Light, the newest member of its Lighting Experience Design Collection. Built with 'Responsive RGB LED Technology,' the lamp serves as an atmosphere generating tool, providing many varied functions from practical lighting to experiential art design. Offering both installed scenes, color presets and a fully programmable color spectrum, the Manta Ray Light is an illuminative art piece combining light, art and technology in a sleek product. It is well suited for commercial, retail, home and hospitality projects.

What makes the product special?

The Lighting Experience Design Collection by Aqua Creations, utilizes 'Responsive RGB LED Technology' to create a new generation of immersive lighting designs. Users gain the ability to control the full color spectrum, dim each light's brightness from 0.1 - 100%, and load images and videos directly to each lamp's internal memory. Each Manta Ray Light is preset with ten combinations, however, they can be programmed to an almost infinite number of colors with precisely 16,387,064 options. The Manta Ray Light joins the collection's existing VAL Wall Light and Lucky Lamp Responsive LED Wall Light.The Manta Ray Light is a perfect interior design solution for commercial, retail, hospitality and home design. The lighting's technology incorporates more than 4000 RGB addressable LED lights, which are controlled via a Wi-Fi accessible micro memory card inside. Each product can be pre-programmed via a web app with custom code or the existing presets. The lights can also be controlled live and externally via a computer, smartphone app or remote control.
The 21st century product allows a dynamic color spectrum to illuminate any room, adding interior atmosphere and creating an energetic vibe, without the large investment of material design items. The programmable technology of Manta Ray offers lighting solutions that adapt to a space's various needs throughout the day and night; From work atmospheres, to performance spaces, dining areas and nightlife venues.
Aqua Creations' Lighting Experience Design Collection also offers the VAL (Video Art Lamp) Wall Lamp, the perfect solution for displaying bespoke graphics of all kinds, and the Lucky Lamp Responsive LED Wall Light, an interactive wall light offering five motion-lighting variations with 920 addressable RGB LEDs.

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