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Product Feature 9 January 2020

SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

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SmartHOTEL - Connecting hotels to the world

Increase bookings and avoid overbookings with 2-way connectivity and real-time room inventory and rate management across all your online channels with the Smart Channel Manager. Your time is precious and should be dedicated to optimising your guest experience. Avoid overbookings, time-consuming manual channel management, errors and missed opportunities. Increase your online bookings with the Smart Channel Manager. Eliminate manual channel management through seamless integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA, Suite8, Cloudinn and other leading PMS and CRS systems. When you have a problem or need advice, your dedicated consultant will help you directly — no excuses or waiting on ticket systems.

What makes the product special?

At SmartHOTEL, we help hoteliers navigate the exciting world of online distribution. We do this with distribution technology and tailored connectivity that ensures you can sell your rooms in the most efficient and revenue-generating way. Your dedicated support and consultancy specialist will help you and give you pro-active advice on your online distribution. We aim to make your life easier with great products and even greater service so that you can spend your time realizing the ultimate guest experience in every way possible. 

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Marijke Remmelzwaan
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