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Product Feature 9 January 2020


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SmartHOTEL - Connecting hotels to the world

Benefit from a direct and isolated connection between your PMS and all your distribution platforms with our new and improved OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI). The OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI) supports the validated integration between Oracle Hospitality OPERA systems and the Smart Channel Manager. The interface ensures fast, cost-efficient, secure, and private data exchange between OPERA and all distribution platforms. The data exchange includes room availability, rates and inventory and can be extended to handle more types of guest data like guest profile export, stay records and payment data from PMS to 3rd parties.

What makes the product special?

Looking for a direct connection to your OTA's, GDS, and IBE through a single Oracle Certified interface? Use our SmartOXI - The latest direct connection from OPERA! SmartHOTEL has developed, in cooperation with Oracle Hospitality, the OXI for Channel Management: providing a direct connect from OPERA to your OTAs, GDS, IBE and other distribution channels. Current SmartOXI users are experiencing the following benefits:

  • No dependency on the performance of a shared platform.

  • Complete configuration freedom enables a dynamic pricing strategy.

  • The private interface enables fast and secure message flow.

  • Fewer interfaces result in more efficient online distribution.

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