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Product Feature13 May 2020

How to deliver a successful mobile ordering solution in the “new normal”

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As the hospitality industry goes through unprecedented changes due to Covid-19, the latest industry research shows why mobile ordering solutions are currently undergoing a huge surge in demand. With some form of social distancing set to continue for the foreseeable future, and ongoing behavioural change expected to continue for long after formal measures are relaxed, mobile ordering is going to be a vital solution for many hospitality businesses, rapidly increasing the shift towards mobile already underway. But with many potential solutions to consider and decisions to make before laun ching a mobile ordering service, whether for click and collect, order & pay at table or delivery, it’s vital you make the right choices now.

What makes the product special?

Here's our top recommendations to help you get the best hospitality mobile ordering solution in place for the post-Covid-19 world. Get these decisions right now and you'll be well on your way to having a secure, reliable and slick mobile ordering solution you can depend on - and remove the risk of having to make changes down the line.

1. Be rigorous in your security

We'll move on to the exciting benefits of a great looking mobile solution and slick customer experience after this one. But first and foremost you should ask yourself: who am I trusting to take my online payments? The security of your customer data is absolutely vital, and it's imperative that the partners you're working with are fully compliant with regulations such as ISO 27001.

2. Consider the whole customer journey

Th ere are a number of mobile Order & Pay solutions that will help you create a simple digital menu and start receiving orders. But no two solutions are exactly the same, and just a few small design errors can hugely impact the customer experience, which can mean the difference between success and failure. Think about how easy it will be for customers to start using the solution: if they have to download an app or go through a registration process, take-up will likely suffer a huge hit.

3. Beware of the aggregator fees

The leading aggregator delivery apps can offer a simple solution, and the lure of a wider audience to reach through mobile ordering. But always think carefully about the fees - it's normal for those charges to be in excess of 30% of every order, making it impossible to sustainably deliver a valuable service to your customers, which has obviously never been more challenging than today.
Think carefully about the benefits of having your ow n mobile solution to serve your existing customers for order & pay at table, pickup or delivery… without losing a third of your revenue.

4. Think about the whole business, not just the customer orders

Mobile ordering will have a major impact across the business so include the major stakeholders in the process. Make sure your solution is super-easy to onboard, and will deliver a great solution for marketing, operations and finance. Think through exactly how staff are going to quickly receive and manage orders, without disrupting other existing operations.

5. Manage your menus

We all know it's unlikely to be business as usual for a while, so think now about what menu items you want to include in a mobile ordering solution. Successful mobile Order & Pay requires a lot more than just taking an existing menu and putting it online.
And keeping that menu up to date is vital: as Gabo Rojas, Technical Product Manager at Wi5, explains:
Menus change often. Whether it's seasonal rotation, change in consumer trends or new 'deals' being pushed by your brand things are always evolving. But making sure that those changes are kept up-to-date in your Point of Sale (POS) is key to an easy transition to mobile Order & Pay. When adding new items, delete the old ones. If items are no longer offered, remove them. This will ensure a seamless experience for your customer when viewing your menu via mobile and, ultimately, lead to more sales".

6. Create a promotion plan

Mobile ordering is going to become far more prominent in the near future, which will bring customer familiarity and remove barriers to uptake. But your customers can only use what they know exists. Promote your ordering service far and wide, making it as easy as possible for customers to start using it. After they've tried a great solution once, they will be sure to come back again and again.
Interested in implementing your own mobile ordering solution? Contact Wi5 for fast, frictionless and secure mobile Order & Pay, with no apps required.

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