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Product Feature21 September 2020

Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools

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Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools is the newest enhancement to Sertifi eAuthorizations. Advanced Fraud Tools help prevent online payment fraud before it happens at the hotel. Every transaction that goes through the eAuthorizations workflow undergoes a fraud detection test. Using a combination of AI and machine learning data, hotel teams are given a fraud score that gives them the power to decide whether to accept or decline a transaction. It puts the power back in hotel teams’ hands to protect themselves against online payment fraud. Advanced Fraud Tools provides an additional layer of defense that can prevent hotels from accepting transactions that may lead to chargebacks. With Advanced Fraud Tools, hotels can help detect potential fraud before it leads to chargebacks, enhance existing payment fraud prevention methods, improve a hotel’s bottom line, increase operational efficiency, and preserve a hotel’s reputation.

What makes the product special?

Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools is for hotels that are looking to take a multi-layered approach for fighting payment fraud. Advanced Fraud Tools, combined with our AVS and CVV capabilities, offers hotel teams a way to protect themselves from accepting fraudulent transactions that may lead to chargebacks.

Advanced Fraud Tools assess data from both the user and their credit card to determine if a transaction is fraudulent. The Sertifi user receives a fraud score based on different indicators that can be used to assist in choosing whether to proceed with a transaction.

Some of the data points assessed include:

  • Card Details
  • Name
  • Payer IP Address
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • Billing Address
  • User Device
  • AVS/CVV Verification
  • and more!

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