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The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell UniversityThe Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations was established in 2013 as a platform for students, employers, employees, unions, and their advocates involved in the hospitality industry. The institute's mission is to support educational programs, sponsor and disseminate research, and hold conferences and roundtables dedicated to modernizing labor and employment relations, analyzing labor and employment law, and improving human resource management and leadership in the hospitality industry. To achieve this goal, the institute supports classes focusing on labor and employment relations; disseminates empirical, theoretical, and doctrinal scholarship; and sponsors conferences and roundtables.
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Customer Satisfaction through Service Excellence: The Importance of Focused Training

By Chris K. Anderson and Elizabeth Martyn

Technology has shifted the dynamics of guest interactions in the hospitality industry. Two key elements of this shift are that service providers now have fewer opportunities for direct interaction with guests, and interactions may often be the result of service failures.


Cornell Presents the 2017 Center for Hospitality Research Sustainability Roundtable Summary

2017 CHR Sustainability Roundtable Summary Sustainability remains top of mind for many global hospitality industry corporations. This was evidenced by the robust engagements of participants that attended the 2017 Cornell Sustainability Roundtable recently hosted by The Center for Hospitality Research at The School of Hotel Administration in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University.


The Impact of Publicly Owned Hotels on Competing Properties

Substantial public subsidies, and even outright public ownership, of hotels have become common in the United States as communities target tourism as an integral economic development tool. A critical question that is increasingly being raised about the public sector entering the hotel business is, are these government-funded facilities unfair competition to properties developed by the private sector? The common reply to these concerns is that the publicly owned hotel is critical to growing demand for lodging accommodation and that once it opens, the new hotel will attract enough new business that all hotels will benefit.

Should Organizations Be Forgiving or Unforgiving? A Two-Study Replication of How Forgiveness Climate in Hospitality Organizations Drives Employee Attitudes and Behaviors

An organization’s forgiveness climate is pivotal in reducing negative and promoting positive consequences of errors, mistakes, or offenses in the workplace. This study examines the influence of a perceived forgiveness climate on learning behavior, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intention to leave.


Chekitan S. Dev

Marketing and Branding Professor at Cornell University

Chris K. Anderson

Professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration

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Assistant Professor, Cornell College of Business

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Associate Professor & Finance Area Coordinator, Cornell College of Business

Elizabeth Martyn

Senior Project Manager, Online Learning and Collaborative Programs at Cornell

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Founder of Intersection CX

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Distinguished University Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business

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Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University

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Professor & Operations, Technology and Information Management

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Robert A. Beck Professor of Hospitality Financial Management

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Associate Professor at Cornell Universtiy

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Professor of Marketing at the National University of Singapore

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Professor Services Operations Management at Cornell University

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