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AMFORHT (World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training)

The World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training (AMFORHT) was created in Nice in 1969 as part of the same movement which led to the formation of the World Tourism Organization (WTO / OMT). AMFORHT's aim was to define, develop, promote and continuously adapt, "tourism education on a world-wide basis to the evolving needs and focus on the tourism industry". With this in view, AMFORHT's impressive congresses brought together representatives of the three sectors of tourism in order to define the approach and subject matter which would be appropriate for schools and universities throughout the world. The international tourism organizations (WTO, ILO, IH&RA, FUAAV, etc) joined forces with the professionals and the educators (schools, institutes and universities) to focus attention on tourism education.

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