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The Evolution of Hotel Design

By Gordon Coles

... Operational Changes: cleanliness and hygiene First and foremost, there have been some significant changes on the operational side to ensure our guests and Team Members feel safe and reassured when entering our hotels. In June, we launched Hilton CleanStay...

Will Guests Say “I Do” Again? Survey of Tech’s Impact on Guest Satisfaction

By Agnes DeFranco and Minwoo Lee

... This past August, we conducted a study that aimed to assess the use of technology by our guests and how this may impact their overall stay satisfaction and re-booking intentions. A U.S.-wide sample was collected using the service of an online panel data...

The Truth Behind Booking Your Hotel and Plane Ticket Through OTA’s

By Lindsay Beauregard

... In today's tourism industry, online travel agencies have become increasingly more popular for generation after generation of travelers. Sites such as Expedia,, Kayak, Travelocity, and many more appeal to travelers because the prices are guaranteed...

The Big Impact of Two Simple Words

By Ozan Dogruyol

... Countless research indicates that what employees desire the most is being appreciated and recognized for the contribution they make. If all the research conducted on this subject is true, saying thank-you goes a long way towards making employees feel...