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Babs Harrison

Babs Harrison is managing director of Phoenix based Babs Harrison and Partners, a boutique public relations/marketing consultancy for select luxury resorts, hotels, and spas. Harrison has 25 years of experience in hospitality and has worked with leading brands in the US and internationally .

Spa 2.0

By Babs Harrison

... Word of advice: it will only get worse for those pursuing a rigid spa menu of services and activities. Spa just isn't a universally powerful guest magnet anymore, in part because of the sheer number of spas, in part because a "been there, done that" indifference...

The Joy of Publicity

By Babs Harrison

... It's the "in" thing to say these days - "oh, we don't need traditional media, we're on social media, and isn't traditional media all fake news anyway?" Listen up: hoteliers and spa operators still need traditional media. The smart ones know it. As for...

Supercharging Hotel and Spa Storytelling in the 21st Century

By Babs Harrison

... The power to tell a compelling marketing story is in the palm of our hands. Literally. Your cellphone. And it just keeps getting better from there. This week I spent one and one-half days in downtown Phoenix at a traveling Facebook training for small...