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Scott McGraw

Scott is the Director of Sales for Professional Services at Shiji, providing consulting and support for leading hotel and restaurant technologies. Prior to Shiji Scott spent nearly a decade at MICROS systems installing the OPERA PMS.

Anson Lau

With a background in software development, Anson Lau is the Managing Director of Shiji Distribution Solutions. In addition to managing the global growth of the business unit within the Shiji Group, Anson is intimately involved in product development internationally.

Shlomit Kugler

Together with her 3 partners, Shlomit founded MyCheck in 2011. Shlomit is the Global CEO, responsible for managing MyCheck’s activities internationally. Shlomit was formerly an Account Supervisor with Saatchi and Saatchi Israel and prior to that, helped develop another startup while living in London.

Moving the Needle for Hospitality Technology Takes Innovation, Agility, and Alignment

By Kevin King

... The most successful relationships are always based on communication and mutual understanding. At Shiji, we believe it is always important to look, listen, and learn一not only to your guests, but also to your partners, competitors, and the industry at large....