May 2022

HN Meta Meetup

Fri, May 20, 2022 – 11h00 (CEST)·Register now

The video above is a live coverage of the meetup, for instructions on how to join in the metaverse click here. Hospitality Net, together with Travel Singularity, Olimiant, and HFTP have teamed up to produce the first First Travel & Hospitality Gathering in the Metaverse. Traveling Without Moving, how Web3, Metaverse(s), NFT, crypto, DAO, and blockchain are changing the industry. The Meta Meetup will break new boundaries within the hospitality industry as visionaries, technology solutions providers, and hoteliers begin to embrace this new virtual landscape of human interaction. The meetup will take place from 11 AM until 8 PM CET, May 20, 2022, in one of the world’s most iconic locations: The Trinità dei Monti steps in Rome, Italy. The Trinità dei Monti is best known for its position above the Spanish Steps, leading down to the famous Piazza di Spagna. How to join in the Metaverse PROGRAM Session 111:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto11:10 ~ Speaker: Lennert De Jong, citizenM Hotels11:15 ~ Speaker: Tony Loeb, Experience Hotel11:20 ~ Speaker: Thomas Yung, My Hotel Reputation11:25 ~ Speaker: Alexander Edström, Atomize11:30 ~ Speaker: Antonio Picozzi, Takyon11:35 ~ Speaker: Celia Regina Guimaraes11:40 ~ Speaker: Rita Varga, RAIZUP11:45 ~ Speaker: Sébastien Félix, Influence Society11:45 - 12:00 ~ Open Talk12:00 - 13:00 ~ Social gathering with the participants Session 215:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto15:10 ~ Speaker: Breandan May, Hotel Res Bot15:15 ~ Speaker: Edoardo Colombo15:20 ~ Speaker: Juanjo Rodriguez, The Hotels Network15:25 ~ Speaker: Michael Robinson, Chainlink Labs15:30 ~ Speaker: Stephen Burke, Robosize ME15:35 ~ Speaker: Tracy Cosgrove15:40 ~ Speaker: Jan Hejny, HotelTime Solutions15:45 ~ Speaker: Roberto Garavaglia15:45 - 16:00 ~ Open Talk16:00 - 17:00 ~ Social gathering with the participants Session 318:00 ~ Event introduction by Henri Roelings, Lorenzo Mari and Simone Puorto18:10 ~ Speaker: Frank Wolfe, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP)18:15 ~ Speaker: Fulvio Giannetti, Lybra18:20 ~ Speaker: Aldair Borges, Mews Systems Ltd18:25 ~ Speaker: Pablo Delgado, mirai.com18:30 ~ Speaker: Zoltan Istvan18:35 ~ Speaker: Mark Fancourt, TRAVHOTECH18:40 ~ Speaker: Paula Marie Kilgarriff, Technological University Dublin18:45 ~ Speaker: Daniel Craig, Reknown18:50 - 19:00 Open Talk19:00 - 20:00 ~ Final words & Social gathering with the participants HOW TO ATTEND Join in 3D — Requires a VR headset like the Oculus Meta Quest 2 Create a user account - explained here Build your avatar on Install/update the Spatial app if not already installed on your headset Join the HN Meta Meetup space here — opens at 10 AM CEST After joining, the meetup space will be available under Spaces in the Spatial app on your VR headset Join in 2D — Desktop, laptop, or IOS/Android mobile device Create a user account - explained here Build your avatar on Join the HN Meta Meetup space here — opens at 10 AM CEST Broadcast only — Available on HN, Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook Watch on Hospitality Net Watch on Youtube (coming soon) Watch on LinkedIn (coming soon) Watch on Facebook (coming soon)

June 2022

2022 Trends in Online Marketing for Hotels

Wed, Jun 22, 2022 – 09h00 (CEST)·Register now

There is never a dull moment when it comes to marketing in general. It’s even more so in the digital marketing sphere where tactics, platforms and features evolve at such a speed it can be difficult to keep pace. In the travel and hospitality realm, it’s been a critical challenge for years, but perhaps even more so within the past 18 months of madness we all experienced. So where should we focus our priorities next?

Hotel Giants & Enterprise PMS: What's next?

Wed, Jun 29, 2022 – 17h00 (CEST)·Register now

Historically, most of the big hotel brands/groups have opted to build their stack on top of legacy PMS platforms. These platforms provided a 'safe' solution for consistent deployment on a global basis. A certain number of brands opted to develop their own in-house solutions (i.e. Hilton OnQ) or decided to partner with major tech players (Amadeus/IHG). However, given the evolving possibilities of building the next-gen tech stack around CRM, combined with API enhanced connectivity, hotel groups are re-thinking their strategies toward a PMS agnostic approach. What can we learn from this new approach?

September 2022

How to build your pricing strategy in 2022

Thu, Sep 8, 2022 – 17h00 (CEST)·Register now

While previously we have relied primarily on historical data, the pandemic has shown us that we need to look forward and change the way we work and how we price guest rooms and other products. Which are the considerations hoteliers need to follow in this transformed reality? The Revenuemanager Summit Series are co-produced in collaboration with FunnelTV The Traveltech Channel.

Leveraging Social Media in Digital Marketing

Wed, Sep 14, 2022 – 09h00 (CEST)·Register now

The ever-changing social media landscape can be an overwhelming realm to dive into. However, as search engines continue make changes to their algorithm to make search more social and personal, it is critical for hotels to not only have presence in these channels, but be active and engaging as well. This Summit Series episode dives deep into the current do's and dont's for hotels.

Beating OTAs - boosting conversion in 2022

Thu, Sep 15, 2022 – 17h00 (CEST)·Register now

The major OTAs spend more on marketing than the entire hotel industry combined. Should hoteliers resignate and finally outsource their entire distribution to third parties or are there actually things that work which will allow hotels to win back market share and get those direct bookings? The Revenuemanager Summit Series are co-produced in collaboration with FunnelTV The Traveltech Channel.

October 2022

Beyond pricing - the journey to profitability

Thu, Oct 6, 2022 – 17h00 (CEST)·Register now

The crisis during the early days of this milennium led to the rise of RevPAR as THE industry metric to follow. But voices of criticism haven't been only loud since the pandemic as the top line focused RevPAR is no longer the lighthouse which guides our every decision. But where to look for guidance moving forward? The Revenuemanager Summit Series are co-produced in collaboration with FunnelTV The Traveltech Channel.

Loyalty Progams: A waste of time, effort and energy?

Wed, Oct 19, 2022 – 09h00 (CEST)·Register now

Although widely used in the hotel sector, for anyone except the largest players there is little evidence that loyalty programs have very much of a positive effect. Exploring the latest development in the area, these sessions deconstruct hotel loyalty programs, highlighting the benefits and identifying the key success factors of operating a frequency/rewards or loyalty program for your guests.

November 2022

Revenue Management meets Customer Service

Thu, Nov 3, 2022 – 17h00 (CET)·Register now

The old stereotype of revenue managers being nerds, hiding away in their offices behind spreadsheets is long overhauled. Todays revenue managers need to look far beyond the traditional scope of revenue management to ensure the success of their hotel. By utilizing guest data they are able to not only improve the level of service but also boost revenue. The Revenuemanager Summit Series are co-produced in collaboration with FunnelTV The Traveltech Channel.

Metasearch: The antidote to OTA dependence for hotels?

Wed, Nov 23, 2022 – 09h00 (CET)·Register now

As it finally gains popularity, metasearch is being touted as a more hotel friendly and cost-effective alternative to OTA distribution. Exploring the key success factors, this session highlights the growing importance of metasearch as well as gives practical tips for how to best profit from this development.

December 2022

Data driven decision making vs analysis paralysis

Thu, Dec 1, 2022 – 17h00 (CET)·Register now

From Revenue Culture to Data Culture - Understanding how to use data. By definition, revenue management uses data to drive decisions. But which data to use, how to process it all and how has this changed over the past two years? The Revenuemanager Summit Series are co-produced in collaboration with FunnelTV The Traveltech Channel.

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