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Video18 May 2020

#ManagingChange with Rohit Kapoor, CEO, Oyo South Asia- Resurrection of Brands: Hospitality & Beyond

Not all brands survive challenging times and those that do may come out the other side profoundly changed. But we do believe brands matter, even in times of human crisis. We do believe brands can make a meaningful contribution. And finally, we believe that with good management brands can emerge stronger than ever. Here’s how. In times of peace and prosperity it is easy to forget that the human race’s chief advantage is resilience. Our ability to adapt, problem-solve and respond to unexpected challenges is central to our survival and success. COVID-19 will be no different. Brands and businesses have an important role to play. With the right mix of empathy and creativity we can help soften the blow, be a source of inspiration and optimism, and, most importantly, prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s discuss. *source: WPP