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Video16 July 2020

L.E/Digital Episode VIII: From The Hotel Lobby – How To Spearhead Policy Change As An Industry

Travel employs 1 in 10 of the world’s workers, makes up 10% of global GDP and generated almost £200 million for the UK’s economy in 2019. But our sector’s size belies one undeniable fact: we lack a unified industry voice. And if the recent crisis has taught us anything, it’s that travel must come together as one – to strategise, protect our industry, and lobby governments. That’s why we’re spotlighting George Morgan-Grenville, CEO of Red Savannah and founder of the Quash Quarantine campaign ­(signed by over 500 travel brands) in an exclusive Q&A on the future of travel industry collaboration. Interviewed by former presenter and founder of The PC Agency, Paul Charles, this session illuminates why unity is the key to protecting our industry’s future – and how you can get involved.