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Video 2 August 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 260 Recorded Broadcast

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live series

For all show notes and links go to GrayEdward StOngeDean SchmitJason FreedAdele GutmanTim PeterTristan HeawordStuart ButlerValyn Perini Lily MockermanShow Notes00:02 — Adeles share the discussion about HSMAI HR roundtable — — Your margithere is someone coming for you, all the time — Tim00:25 — the noise to signal ratio is the worst it has been in a ling time in our industry — Stuart00:50 — How do the brand efforts compare to the AirBnB effort — (Requires an email or a subscription to read): living-without-google01:03 — How is all this cleaning helping — 01:31 — How will HITEC do as a virtual event this year — Show ends

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