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Video 8 August 2020

The Unfamiliar Shift of Residential Boutique

This episode is focused around Residential Boutique Hotels and we had guest star, Jay Roberts, the CEO of domio join your host, Ariela Kiradjian.

The boutique hotel category, Residential Boutique, has been a very hot topic in our sector as co-living becomes a more influential way that newer generations are housing themselves and their families. Now, it’s coming to the boutique hotel world. Jay and his team have mastered the art of residences, boutique experiences and technology with their company, domio. Hear from their CEO and have your questions answered about everything that is The Unfamiliar Shift of Residential Boutique.

Originally recorded on July 17, 2020 The Unfamiliar Shift, is a webinar show produced by BLLA and hosted by StayBoutique.

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