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Video18 August 2020

Perspectives #14 with Robin Sheppard, President, Bespoke Hotels

Robin Sheppard, President, Bespoke Hotels, and Harmeet Singh, CEO, RateGain discusses on how hoteliers can strategize for growth and earn traveler’s trust. They also talk about internationalizing a local group leveraging appropriate partnership, revenue management, distribution, and marketing strategy, and giving “Bespoke” experiences to customers. For more information, please visit: - Introduction02:00 - Robin's journey & how he overcame a serious illness10:00 - Career advice from Robin16:00 - Robin's perspective on comparison of Covid19 with other pandemics20:00 - Robin's take on how long will it take for businesses to get back to normal23:00 - What did BeSpoke did to overcome the pandemic & future plans25:00 - Pricing strategy during unlock phase27:00 - Current occupancy rates at luxury hotels in coastal areas30:00 - Health & Safety protocols at Bespoke hotels33:00 - What are some of the guests concerns35:00 - Distribution strategy of Bespoke hotels38:00 - Digital strategies for Family v/s Corporate strategy42:00 - Robins's point of view on Social media marketing46:00 - Changes in technology landscape at Bespoke hotels50:00 - Question & Answers

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