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Video25 August 2020

Perspectives #15 with Louvre Hotels Group

In this 15th edition of fireside chat #Perspectives with Louvre Hotel, Françoise Houdebine, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Louvre Hotels Group shares her opinions on the importance of digital innovation in winning back customer trust in the new normal. For more information, please visit: 00.00 Introduction03.00 Francoise's professional achievements & background05.00 Market evolution for Louvre Hotels in the pandemic10.00 Francoise's views on domestic travel post-COVID11.00 Louvre hotel's strategies for corporate travels14.00 Performance of different segments of the hotel business.17.00 Francoise's Predictions & Plans for Louvre hotel business post-COVID23.00 Traditional & digital marketing approach in the current scenario29.00 Social media's role in Louvre Hotel's marketing34.00 COVID impact on Social Media Strategies38.00 Loyalty programs impact and benefits42.00 Impact of digital and other channels on customer bookings46.00 Most efficient SM Approach in Francoise's views to gain perspective clients48.00 Innovation & Digital technology insights by Francoise55.00 Role of technology for Hotels still closed.57.00 Social Media conversions pre-COVID vs post-COVID59.00 Francoise's final thoughts for hospitality in the current market scenario