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Video23 September 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 267 Recorded Broadcast

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live series

Special guest co-host Amy Infante CEO of Gitgo for all show notes and links go to InfanteAdele GutmanDean SchmitStephanie SmithLily MockermanBen HanleyEdward StOngeKat MohammedEllis ConnollyShow Notes00:02 — Introductions00:08 — what is the new markets?00:23 — How does the sales eco system work now in the world of convergence needs between disciplines 00:25 — 77% of all revenue developed takes 7 months to develop with 7-12 touch points00:31 — The cadence is also variable according to the value of the inquiry as well as the dates of interest00:35 — where are the current sources of business coming from00:50 — Do what helps the client not what you can sell01:17 — DO you feel that sales teams should be unfettered in their strategy?01:30 — Kat announces her new career path02:04 — Show ends

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