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Video28 September 2020

Leaders in Hospitality Speaking Up about COVID-19 Impact

On Sunday 27 September 2020, I will be hosting Rex Nijhof, General Manager at Marriott International. Rex is a seasoned Hotelier who recently relocated from Kigali Marriott Hotel in Rwanda to head up Sheraton Lagos Hotel in Nigeria. My next guest will share his experience on how COVID-19 has had an impact on the Hospitality industry. Earlier in March of this year, the Group CEO of Marriott International, Arne Sorenson, shared a message on Twitter which resonated with many leaders around the globe. His authentic video recording with a difficult announcement of loss and impact of hotels closure due to COVID-19 restrictions resonated with people. He demonstrated authentic executive communication that is now being used as a leadership example around the world. The brief message can be found here. an attempt to contain COVID-19, the requirements for social distancing and travel and tourism restrictions have had direct impact on various industries. Hospitality, Tourism and Travels are but a few sectors to mention. Typically, when we hear about industries, sectors and organizations, we forget to share stories of people behind the structures. The immediate impact on people leading the organizations and what makes them continue to perform well in their roles. This coming Sunday, I will host Rex Nijhof, who is one of the most seasoned Hoteliers that I got to meet and know well. During his time as a General Manager at Kigali Marriott Hotel, Rex has utilized his global experience to turn around the institution and make a positive impact in our country's hospitality industry. During this talk, we will hear more about his new journey at Sheraton Lagos Hotel and exchange on how his experience can inspire his peers in the hospitality industry during the crisis.Our hope for the talk is for the viewers to be inspired to utilize your past successes to build a stronger foundation for difficult times that the world is navigating through.Join us | Comment | Share | Like#ConverseWithACoach#MireilleKarera#Hospitality