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Video25 September 2020

Alignment | Larry Mogelonsky | September 28, 2020

Alignment series

In this edition of Alignment Phil chats with Managing Partner at Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited, Larry Mogelonsky. Larry has 35 years of experience in the hospitality space starting with the Four Seasons, opening his own hotel marketing agency, and now founder and Managing Partner of Hotel Mogel Consulting. In this episode, Larry discusses the current challenges in the hospitality industry, how tech companies can align with them, and what hotel managers should consider today. Hotel Mogel is a bespoke hospitality consultancy helping both hotel organizations and hotel tech vendors achieve financial success. offers an Agreement Platform built for businesses who need a more efficient and secure way to manage the full contract process. Sales teams utilize Sertifi to digitally capture signature and payment details simultaneously, streamlining the last mile of the agreement process.

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