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Video 5 October 2020

2020 Menus of Change: Pandemic Safety Strategies in the Foodservice and Hospitality Industries

Breakout Session C4: Perception of the Post-Pandemic Consumer: Critical Shifts in Foodservice Hygiene and Hospitality StrategiesThe pandemic has urgently redefined how our industry approaches health and hygiene practices in parallel with our customers’ singular focus on their safety. In this session, we take a mid-pandemic look at where we are with governmental guidance and input from the scientific/public health community about what restaurants need to do to keep customers and employees in our operations safe and healthy. And we’ll also explore what we have learned to date about what it takes to achieve these safety imperatives while also providing the kind of hospitality for our customers that has been foundational to our industry.• Brad Barnes ‘87 (Director, Consulting and Industry Programs, CIA)• Fernando Salazar (Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, E-Spain, formerly Senior Vice President – Food & Beverage, Interstate Hotels & Resorts)• Heidi Blanck, PhD, MS (Team Lead CDC COVID-19 Food Systems Working Group, CDC; Branch Chief, Chronic Disease Nutrition/Obesity, CDC)Find more information at