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Video14 October 2020

Mark Timms- On the Personal Development and Evolution of an Executive Chef

Mark is a successful, long time Executive Chef. He, self admittedly, fully bought in to the way the culinary world worked until one day he realized he wanted more. Mark’s story of personal and professional development is something that many in the culinary world are starting to think about but have yet to take the leap. He shares his journey to become a better leader, his drive to seek out new education opportunities and his philosophy on where the Executive Chef role needs to evolve in our new world. When you’re thinking about reinventing yourself, it’s not easy to know where to start. By highlighting Mark’s journey, we hope that it shows those who are deciding which direction to go, that whatever your decision, it can be done.On this episode we discuss:- Moving in to new areas of the business / Why seek out new education opportunities?