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Video 5 April 2020

Hospitality Panel (Zoom) Corona Rebound & Re-engagement Strategy for Hotels

The feedback we have gotten universally from our conversations throughout the travel & hospitality industry has been about how much of a strain this has imposed on not only your bookings but staff and culture. As a result, we have decided to host a Zoom Panel on Thursday, April 2 at 5pm MST following work hours to share some insight, feedback, and action steps from experts across the industry. We'll have some brief recommendations from:+ Eric Sutfin of SoCap Agency (Bouqitue Hotel Marketing & Advertising)+ Trevor Stuart-Hill of Revenue Matters (Hotel Revenue Management)+ Greg Aden of Aden Leadership (Leadership Coaching & Communication)A few of the questions that we will be having conversations around and a Q&A the second half of the Panel include:+ How to Increase Direct Bookings & Promotions Success through Authentic Messages+ What Social Media Content & Messages to Share to Reengage your Bookings & Travel Partnerships + Is there learning we can apply from previous demand shocks to the hospitality industry that can help us navigate what’s happening today with COVID-19?+ What should revenue managers be doing and thinking about right now?+ Why now is the time for leaders to really show up for ALL those around them? Listen and ask questions.+ How to be creative in leading self and others? Redefine and redesign connection.

Trevor Stuart-Hill

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