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Video19 October 2020

The Creative Force of the Crisis: Digital Turnaround in Tourism?

Covid-19 is the big accelerator of digitalization. Or isn’t it? What impact is the crisis having on the degree of digitization and IT resilience? ITB eTravel World looks back on practical experience gained in recent months with representatives from various tourism segments. In an exchange of views, the panel participants explain in exemplary fashion what creative force they attribute to the crisis and what structural challenges they see for the tourism value chain.With: Bernd Nawrath, Consultant (BNC), Lukas C.C. Hempel, Founder & Managing Director (bookingkit), Uwe Frers, CEO (PiNCAMP I ADAC Camping), Barbara Heinbockel, Tourismusagentur Schleswig- Holstein, - Live from the We Love Travel! event! October 2020 -#Tourism #Travel #WeLoveTravel