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Video12 November 2020

PATA Spotlight - Food Waste Solutions in Hospitality by LightBlue Environmental Consulting

The FAO estimates that each year, approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost or wasted. Today, there is a wide recognition of not only the major environmental implications of food production, but also the financial loss and social impacts as well.Within the hospitality sector however, the issue of food waste remains a low priority despite the cost of food waste across hotel properties actually representing a whopping 6% to 14% of their food revenue. Why is this the case and how can it be addressed?In this webinar, you will learn about:- Five most common misunderstandings about food waste in the hospitality industry leading to inaction among hoteliers- The technologies, innovations and scalable solutions to food waste that can be applied to hotel operations- Step-by-step technical recommendations on how to build an impact-oriented corporate strategy through the Food Waste Recovery Pyramid model, from Prevention to Re-direction to Recovery- Case studies of food efficiency in the hospitality sector through scalable and cost-effective methodologiesSpeaker:- Benjamin Lephilibert, Founder & Managing Director of LightBlue Environmental Consulting

Benjamin Lephilibert

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