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Video20 November 2020 Catch Ups | Robert Richardson and Rachel Stevens speaks to Robert Richardson, General Manager at the Cave Hotel & Resort and Rachael Stevens, Guest Services Manager at South Lodge and Chair of Institute of Hospitality, Sussex.‘Covid-19 continues to affect the hospitality industry, with redundancies across all sector, forcing many hospitality people to take jobs below their previous roles out of necessity. It is a privilege to welcome them into our teams and learn from the knowledge and experience they bring’. (Robert Richardson)'It’s our responsibility as managers within hospitality to coach and mentor our teams and support them. Part of that is being strong, positive and optimistic because that filters through to our teams and affects how they respond to situations.' (Rachael Stevens) Is ‘mentor’ part of the job description though? Are the extra pressures of managing employee mental health and wellbeing affecting leaders and managers and how can hospitality ensure that our people stay strong and resilient? speaks to Robert Richardson and Rachael Stevens talk leadership, mentoring and team management.