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Video25 November 2020

Hostels + Hybrid Hotels. Social Travel in the Velvet Underground

Hit the road Jack (or Jill). Travel tops most everybody’s current object of desire list, so why not join this energetic virtual one-hour event that takes an in-your-face view of social travel in the electric hostel and hybrid hotel space. Dig the vibe and dive deep with an eclectic set of experts from across Asia and Europe. One clear sign of pandemic travel resurgence is millennials, groups of friends roaming the concrete jungle, and the domestic set of Instagram- driven travelers who value things local, and want experiences, not welcome drinks or breakfast buffets. Hostels + Hybrids will take a creative look at one of hospitality's most exciting spaces. Learn how key players are reinventing their products in the downturn, shifting customer bases, and look into what is changing booking trends. Check out how hybrid offerings are on the move and how some groups are finding opportunity in the downturn to retro-fit and repurpose properties. Frantic, fast-moving, and bold is the order of the day for an event you won’t want to miss. This is the next episode in a series of virtual hospitality events from Delivering Asia Communications and C9 Hotelworks that are intended to create forward-looking conversations, inspire disruption, and a critical rethink of the hospitality space. Where do we go from here? Stay tuned. The Cast 1. Tam Nithivasin – Lub.D 2. Alex Darroch – Mad Monkey 3. Paloma Meng – Hostelworld 4. Edmund Lowman – Slumber Party Hostels 5. Charlotte Hall/Rosie Willan – Stay The Night 6. Mark Fenelon – Clink Hostels 7. Eloise Hanson – Boutique Hotel News