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Video14 December 2020

One of India's top most Food & Wine writers dishes out insights on Eating out and Dining In!

My guest today is Anoothi Vishal, one of India’s most respected food and wine critics and a nationally-read columnist on restaurants, culinary history, travel, trends, and the business of food and beverage. And our pursuit of pleasure in my conversation with Anoothi Vishal will be via the hedonistic delights of the world of food and wine. Anoothi has written for The Hindu, The Economic Times, Times of India, Forbes India,, The Wire,, and is known for her fair and frank views and insight into the world of food and restaurants in India.She is the author of Business On A Platter: What Makes Restaurants Sizzle or Fizzle Out, an in-depth analysis of the world of food and beverage in India and the truth behind the glitz. Anoothi Vishal’s previous book Mrs. LC’s Table: Stories about Kayasth food and culture, was a completely different book from her latest one and explored the syncretic tradition of the community of medieval scribes in Mughal courts. Structured as a memoir about her family and community, the book is a study of India’s composite food cultures and history.Anoothi works towards preserving and presenting India’s diverse culinary heritage through her curated dinners and pop- ups. In 2012, she founded The Great Delhi Pop-up to curate immersive food and beverage experiences around lesser-known cuisines, food cultures, and ingredients.A journalist of 20 years standing, Anoothi Vishal started her career in food writing with Foodphile, a column in The Indian Express, where she worked from 2000-2002. Post that she was Features Editor for Business Standard (2003-2009) and in charge of bringing out the Weekend section, in which she also wrote on food and social trends. Since then, she has been an independent journalist and a columnist for major Indian newspapers writing on the history of Indian cuisines, its business and emerging trends.And today, she is one of the strongest voices in the Food and Beverage industry in India.

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