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Video16 December 2020

Cornell Webinar: Effective Digital Marketing During COVID-19: What Hospitality Managers Need To Know

COVID-19’s impact on the hospitality industry has been enormous but it hasn’t been universal. Individual hospitality properties are being affected in complex and evolving ways, with some weathering the storm more successfully than others. As infection rates fluctuate from week to week and region to region, hospitality managers need to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. But developing flexible marketing strategies to meet the current realities of the situation is not enough; effective evaluation mechanisms also need to be in place in order to determine what is working and what is not. In this session, digital marketing experts will discuss what hospitality managers must do throughout the remainder of the pandemic, how digital marketing agencies and staff can communicate their plans, and how managers can evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies throughout the various phases of pandemic response. Speakers include: Bill Carrol, Hotel School of Hotel Administration Stephanie Smith, Founder and Digital Matriarch, Cogwheel Marketing James Siebold, Consultant Max Starkov, Hospitality Tech Consultant and Strategist, NextGuest

Max Starkov

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Bill Carroll, PhD

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