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Video16 December 2020

Cornell Webinar: Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19: Lessons From Asia

With coronavirus cases currently skyrocketing across the United States and in some areas a long, cold winter ahead, many questions remain as to how the nation’s food and beverage industry can and should respond. Most restaurateurs are eager to reopen but unsure of how to do so safely and responsibly. With restrictions and guidelines varying from state to state, those in the industry are having to plan and adapt as best they can until specific guidelines from health organizations and legislators provide additional parameters. How does a food and beverage operation that trades in social engagement and interaction create a safe, responsible environment for guests and staff that is both sensitive to the ongoing pandemic and economically viable for its stakeholders? Many parts of Asia have already begun the process of reopening, with restaurants taking their cues from their governmental guidelines and developing standard operating procedures that address the needs and concerns of both staff and guests. In this webinar, we will hear directly from two Singapore-based restaurateurs and consider their experiences as they share their stories. Speakers: Ivan Brehm, CHEF/OWNER, Restaurant Nouri | Travis Masiero, Travis Masiero Restaurant Group | Lilly Jan, LECTURER, Cornell School of Hotel Administration