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Video 2 February 2021

Hotel Optimization - A Virtual Event

Stick or Twist - It's going to be a long-dark winter, with travel restrictions growing across Europe and travel falling again around the world. After a difficult year, many investors are unable to pay their loans and the banks are wondering how long they can pretend and extend. Can the brands persuade you it's worth staying with their new slimmed-down costs? There's a vaccine on the horizon; do you get out of hotels and sell up or stay and take the long-term view?

Technology – are you with IT? - Leaner operations call for less impact from both fixed and variable costs and the technology now exists to take slices out all over the bottom line. Ecologically-sound hardware is cutting energy costs, while a good PMS should make operations more efficient.

Insurance, Lawsuits and Risk Management - Any public space was at risk of finding itself at the center of a lawsuit and the pandemic has only increased the options for the litigious guest. Can you protect yourself by having verified cleanliness standards, such as that offered by Bureau Veritas, or is there insurance to cover your property?

Where the Opportunities Are - The transaction market is expected to be brisk in the first half of the year. Where are the opportunities, what types of hotels are going to be changing hands, what will the bid/ask price look like and is now the time to hold or sell?