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Video 2 March 2021

Mental & Emotional Detox with Claudia Roth

Whilst we spring clean our homes, de clutter our drawers and wardrobes and detox our bodies with cleansing diets we rarely (if at all) cleanse our minds of old beliefs and habits. During this session Claudia will talk about the importance of giving our minds an inner cleanse and introduce a process that will teach us how to get know ourselves better, to break limiting habits and beliefs and make more empowered choices to lead a more joyful and intentional life.Claudia Roth is a transformation coach and author. She combines her lifetime interest in the connection between thoughts, emotions and our energy field with her experience as a senior executive in the Luxury hospitality sector to understand the challenges but also the opportunities in modern day living. She is recognised for guiding others to an inner state – a space within our own awareness - where change happens. In times of major global upheaval her work to help others has never been more relevant and sought after.

Claudia Roth

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