The panel features the following panel speakers: Neil Jacobs, Tim Weiland, Portia Hart and Amanda Ho. Anita Mendiratta will be the moderator.It is the conventional view that companies exist for the sole purpose of creating profit. However, corporate social responsibility shows us that profitability and responsibility are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact by-products of one another. In the wake of back-to-back global crises in the last two decades, longevity and resilience are critical characteristics to adopt. Without social responsibility to our stakeholders, a business relying solely on its short-term profitability would leave it holistically challenged in the future.This panel explores the feasibility of CSR within our current climate and its role in and out of recessions. Prosperity of industrialization beyond our resources, and greed beyond our reach has left us few options. Right now, we still have a choice, but soon we won’t.