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Video30 March 2021

The Power of G(local) | YHS 2021

The panel features the following panel speakers: Ted Teng, Eugenio Pirri, Tony Chisholm and Serena Guen. Juliet Kinsman will be the moderator.Fourteen months after the onset of the pandemic, we have a newfound perspective in realising that travelling is an enormous privilege. As travellers become more aware of the implications of pollution and global warming, we are sure to see more sporadic trips - travelling fewer miles overall. The world is experiencing a hospitality shift and taking us back to our roots - vying for local experiences and recognising locally-defined styles and characters of each destination. We will begin travelling more responsibly, lowering our carbon footprint or reducing wastage, interacting with local communities and supporting economies, wherever we go.This panel explores the overnight shift of travel and new travel terms - “staycations”, “work from hotel” packages and “haycations”. The goal is to explore how hotels will adapt to this new climate, how will they attain customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction. How will the world of hospitality and the supply chain of tourism come together and accelerate travel to new horizons?