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Video 9 June 2021

Beyond Recovery: How Modern Integration Strategies Drive Revenue, Efficiency

Jason Freed, Editor, Hotel Recovery, moderates this stellar panel to talk about a new wave of modern, API-first technology providers driving the industry forward, taking the responsibility out of hoteliers' hands and promising more efficient and inexpensive ways to connect systems and share critical data.

Learn how today's leading tech providers are built on a culture of collaboration, opening up their systems to put hoteliers' needs first. Deeply integrated systems work in tandem to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

What you'll learn:
– How cloud technology is modernizing integrations
– What sharing the right data between systems allows hoteliers to achieve
– The benefits of best in breed versus single provider
– How to evaluate technology before executing paperwork

Amy Forss, SVP Sales, iVvy
Jake Lewis, VP of Product, Jonas Chorum
Estella Hale, Chief Product Evangelist, SHR

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