The KUBE mantra is to incubate and accelerate start-ups in hospitality. We understand that in order to affect substantive change we need to reach a tipping point for the growth of start-ups. In technology, we are witnessing impressive growth in startups, meanwhile, for hospitality, we're not seeing that same growth.

So our question to you is: "How do we encourage a start-up culture in hospitality?"

Wolfgang M. Neumann
Wolfgang M. Neumann
Founder at Neumann Hospitality

Our great industry is lagging behind in innovation and needs to fully embrace sustainability and digitalisation across the entire value chain. We need to get out of our comfort zone, make quantum steps and dare to try out new ways. Start-ups are the incubators and need to get the financial backing, organisational freedom, and time to challenge the boundaries. The ideas are there, the young generation is eager to make their mark and contributions - let's give them the tools to get to work! 

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