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Webinar: Diversity & Insclusion Talks LinkedIn Live

This webinar was recorded on September 17, 2020

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WHTT Women in Hospitality Travel-Tech

WHTT are excited to announce a series of Episodes on D&I Talks over the coming months to share how to accelerate your workplace diversity and inclusion strategy.

People are at the heart of any successful organisation. Diversity and inclusion is essential to achieve objectives and drive improvement, as well as maintaining legal and ethical standing in the eyes of shareholders, regulators and the wider community . Join us over each Episode to hear all things in D&I Talks with Devi Virdi and first-hand from those in the industry as to what truly matters and how to shift the dial. Let's get to the heart and mind!

At WHTT we're connecting diversity and inclusion to our growth mindset culture. Growth mindset is the core of our cultural transformation over the past year and is based on the idea that we are continuously learning and curious. We are willing to lean in to uncertainty, take risks, move quickly when we make mistakes, and recognize that failure will happen along the way. In this context, it means giving everyone the permission to make mistakes on their journey to becoming more inclusive. Diversity makes for innovative teams. At WHTT we do not discriminate based on gender, race, colour, religion or belief, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.

Free 30 minute live D&I Talks at WHTT and online panel discussion, with audience Q&A

WHTT present's Diversity and Inclusion Talks:

Episode 1: Valuing Different Women in the WorkplaceSeptember 17th 2020 Thursday 2pm BST

Hosted by Devi Virdi - Head of Diversity & Inclusioin at WHTT


Join Devi, Carol, Leslie, Monalisa and Dinah as they explore: Valuing Different Women in the Workplace

With the glaring gender pay gap revelations, impact of the Covid-19 crisis on gender equality, and Black Lives Matter, this interactive panel discussion will explore/ask:

  • Where is the voice/representation of, to name a few, the Black African, Black Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Mixed-race, Indian, Chinese and Pakistani woman in the workplace?
  • The need for organisations to understand and value the distinct leadership contribution Different Women make
  • How a strategic focus on DW can be a driver for systemic change to address inequality and discrimination across race, gender and intersectionality
  • How we can ensure the gender agenda is inclusive of Different Women in your workplace

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Webinar: Diversity & Insclusion Talks LinkedIn Live is organized by Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech (WHTT)

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