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Webinar: HEDNA President's Payment Roundtable

This webinar was recorded on September 23, 2020

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Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA)

In six months, everything has changed. In this HEDNA President's Roundtable, we will discuss the key risks and drivers for a successful restart to our industry. Payments in hospitality mean so much more than credit card processing at the front desk. In the travel industry, we face some of the most tumultuous risks any industry has ever experienced. Risks of 'going concern' exist throughout our industry - from 100 year old airlines to small B&Bs on the Italian coast, you just can't be sure what will happen in the next six months. We will spend some time discussing how best to prepare for future growth while guarding against imminent calamity.


  • Mike Carlo
  • Jayson Canady
  • Sebastien Leitner (moderator)

Webinar: HEDNA President's Payment Roundtable is organized by

Darrin Hubbard
Executive Director
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